Sustainable Lifestyle

Mostly this blog will be focused around Sustainable Living - which is a lifestyle that attempts to reduce an individual's use of earth's natural resources. This sustainable lifestyle is embedded with a goal to reduce carbon footprint and alter the negative impacts on our environment based on the lifestyle we choose to live. My goal is to guide you through this journey of practicing a more sustainable lifestyle! 

It all comes down to the little lifestyle decisions you make in a day, which can make a huge difference to our planet. I know that sometimes earth's natural resources are intangible to our eyes therefore it's hard to calculate the carbon footprint we take up; that our daily routine can override our ability to reduce our use for natural resources. However, once you create an awareness of your daily resource consumption, than a lifestyle choice of becoming more sustainable can be achieved! 

Lifestyle decisions from the mode of transportation, our diet, use of energy consumption and waste production can be altered to gear towards a more Sustainable Living.

For example we can ride public transport, bike, walk and drive EV cars. We can reduce meat consumption, support local sustainable produce, grow your own garden of herbs, vegetables or fruits! We can use energy efficient lighting, choose renewable energy option, or simply switch of lights when you leave the house! We can ditch plastic, cut down our waste through reusing AND recycling products.

These are just suggestions of ways you can reduce your carbon footprint and your environmental impact on the planet. Promise you it's very SIMPLE to live a sustainable lifestyle! Given this one planet we live on, our choice of becoming more eco-friendly can make a world a better and cleaner place!

Julie Yeh