Hi there, thanks for dropping in! 

I'm Julie Yeh, a photographer, adventurer and an environmentalist. 

I was originally from Taiwan, therefore this country has a special place in my heart. I currently work and reside in Toronto, but my boundaries are limitless. 

[Portfolio] focuses on lifestyle, food and urban photography. Most of my work is captured by Nikon D5300. 

[Travel] focuses on capturing the things I see along my journey in the places I visit. My hobby of travel photography all started in university where I was able to study aboard in different places. For the first time travelling independently, it gave me more freedom to wander and explore the off beat paths of the cities I visited. Travelling allowed me to gain new perspectives, celebrate different cultures, making new connections with people, educating me to be more open minded and it also challenged me to face unforeseen circumstances along the journey. Overall it created such humbling experience for me and I hope you enjoy following along this little humble journey of mine! 

[Blog] focuses on sustainable lifestyle and tips on how to eat healthy and in a  more sustainable matter. 

If you feel like reaching out and want to collaborate, don't hesitate to do so! Have a Nice Day! :)